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статия ANDONOV K., I. GRIGOROV, B. MANOLOVA, B. EVSTATIEV, K. GABROVSKA-EVSTATIEVA, K. MARTEV. Models of the Thermal Energy Consumption of Heating Company.// Journal of Ecology and Environment Sciences, 2016, No 3, pp. 38-44, ISSN 1312-0751.
статия Beloev I., K. Gabrovska-Evstatieva, B. Evstatiev. Compensation of CO2 Emissions from Petrol Stations with Photovoltaic Parks: Cost-Benefit and Risk Analysis.// Acta Technologica Agriculturae. DOI: 10.1515/ata-2017-0017, 2017, No 20(4), pp. 85-90, ISSN 1335-2555. (SJR rank: 0.247 /2017, Scopus)
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статия Evstatiev B., K. Gabrovska. Mathematical modeling of the microclimate in buildings with green roofs.// Journal of engineering studies and research (Romania), 2013, No 19 (4), pp. 12-18, ISSN 2068-7559.
статия Evstatiev B., K. Gabrovska. Development of the server part of an automated ingredients traceability system in a packing-house.// Journal of engineering studies and research (Romania), 2011, No 17 (4), pp. 45-49, ISSN 2068-7559.
статия GABROVSKA-EVSTATIEVA K. Method and Algorithm of a System for Cost-Benefit Analysis of Investments in PV Energy Sources at Residential Buildings.// Journal of Ecology and Environment Sciences, 2016, No 15:3, pp. 45-51, ISSN ISSN 1312-0751.
статия Gabrovska-Evstatieva K., B. Evstatiev. Cost-benefit analysis of PV generators at residential buildings in the region of Ruse, Bulgaria.// Journal of Applied Engineering Science, 2017, No 15(2), pp. 155-165, ISSN 1451-4117. (SJR rank: 0.321 /2016, Scopus)
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доклад Evstatiev B., K. Gabrovska, D. Trifonov. Development of a monitoring system for three-phase motors based on an Arduino microcontroller. IN: Energy Efficiency and Agricultural Engineering. Sixth International Conference, Ruse, Bulgaria, 11-12 November, 2015, pp. 297-302, ISBN 1311-9974.
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доклад Evstatiev B., K. Gabrovska, I. Evstatiev. Green roof performance under winter conditions. IN: Proceedings of the Workshop “Renewable energy sources in the cross border region Romania – Bulgaria”. RES-OP-DEV MIS-ETC code:222, Ruse, 2012, pp. 212-216, ISBN 978-954-8675-36-9.
доклад Evstatiev B., K. Gabrovska-Evstatieva. Concept for development of 2D virtual reality laboratory in electrical circuits: basic equipment. IN: 15-th International Conference on Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems (ELMA), Sofia, IEEE, 2017, pp. 490-493, ISBN 978-1-5090-6690-2.
доклад Evstatiev B., K. Gabrovska-Evstatieva, T. Iliev, I. Stoyanov. Web-based VR engine in electrical engineering: a proof of concept. IN: IEEE 23rd International Symposium for Design and Technology in Electronic Packaging (SIITME), Constanța, Romania, IEEE, 2017, pp. 219-222, ISBN 978-1-5386-1626-0.
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доклад Evstatiev B., K. Gabrovska. Comparative analysis of the heat exchange between a green roof and a tile roof under summer conditions. IN: Proceedings of the University of Ruse, Ruse, 2011, pp. 79-83, ISBN 1311-3321.
доклад Gabrovska K., A. Smrikarov. Structural analysis and methods for development of software tool for design and energy simulation of PV-hybrid power supply systems in poultry farms. IN: CompSysTech’2005, Varna, 2005
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доклад Gabrovska K., N. Mihailov. Development of a Physical Model of Photovoltaic System, Needed for Data Verification from Imitation Modelling. IN: Proc. of the 9th International Congress on Mechanization and Energy in Agriculture & 27th International Conference of CIGR, Turkey, 2005
доклад Gabrovska K., N. Mihailov, I. Stoyanov. PS Assistant tool for education in Renewable Energy Sources – Study of photovoltaic cells. IN: Subregional Seminar on Education and Training in Renewable Energy Sources, OPEM 2003, Sozopol, TU Sofia, 2003, pp. 181-186
доклад Gabrovska K., N. Mihailov, S. Ruskov. Characteristics of Electrical Loads in a Broiler Breeding Farm during Spring Season. IN: EE&AE’2004, Rousse, 2004
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